Back to school immunizations

The new school year just around the corner, and it’s time to make sure your child is up to date on their vaccinations.

The majority of schools in the state may require your children to be vaccinated for certain diseases. Contacting your family doctor, your child’s school, or your health department is the most effective way to ensure children are properly vaccinated before returning to the classroom.

“When kids are going into kindergarten or after they turn four, generally they need a D–Tap, Polio, Varicella, and an MMR vaccine,” says MCHD Public Health Nurse, Julie Scott. “When they turn eleven, they need a T–Dap and also a meningococcal (vaccine). There’s also other vaccines that are recommended but not required for school too, so we want to make sure that parents are aware and offered all vaccines and not just the vaccines for school.”

Students attending college should also be aware of vaccination requirements. To find out more information on each vaccine or about scheduling an vaccination appointment, you can call the Marquette County Health Department or contact your primary care doctor.