Renovations at Westwood High School

Most high school students know the feeling of hard and strenuous work when school is in session, but not many know the difficult work the school staff endures when prepping the facility for a new year.

Westwood High School is over forty years old, and some extra renovations are taking place this year to maintain a ‘brand new’ feeling.

All exterior doors are being replaced and extensive maintenance was preformed on the pool area.  The main office will also have a new look.

“You know our (school) is forty years old so it’s time to continue our updates and we enjoy a lot of support from our community,” Westwood High School Principal Dave Boasd said. “We were able to pass a sinking fund millage and through that we are able to maintain and have our building continue to look very new even though it was build in the early seventies.”

One of the biggest changes to be seen at Westwood High School this year is the extension of the security systems at the school.

“We’ll have one main entrance here at Westwood High School after a certain time that will be the only way to be able to access our building,” Boasd said. “Also, we are updating our camera systems.  We have about ten cameras right now, and we are going to go a much more modern thirty–two camera system for our buildings as well.”

School starts September 3 for Westwood High School students.