State Senate delegation visits the U.P.

The U.P. was the focus of state lawmakers Monday.



Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer, Senator Rebekah Warren and Senator Jim Ananich took part in two separate  meetings with the public today.  They dubbed the meetings, ‘Coffee Hour on Education Funding in Michigan.’

They talked about educational funding and why it is incumbent on Michigan as a whole to make education the most vital investment that can be made.

“We should be creating a greater investment in our schools, and really, that is what we continue to hear and that’s why it’s so important that people let their voices be heard so that their legislators and policy makers know what the priorities should be,” says Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer.

One of the main purposes of the public gatherings: to give Michigan residents a chance to weigh in on matters that are being debated in Lansing.

“We’ve got forums, whether it’s online or in person. We encourage people to make their voices heard,” says Whitmer. “You can’t expect the people in Lansing to make the right decisions if they are not hearing from their constituents. Even though I’m not from the U.P., I’m very eager to hear about what “Yoopers” think about education. Frankly, what I’ve learned is that we are on the same page, we just need to change what is happening in Lansing.”

The U.P. trip today also included a stop in Munising.