ROTC change in command at NMU

It was a sanctimonious afternoon on NMU’s campus, as the ROTC ushered in a new leader.

Service men and women and their families were on hand at the Kip Taylor Memorial Rock to witness the change in command. Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Rambo is stepping down from his duty as Commander of the Northern Michigan University Wildcat Battalion and is retiring after years of service on the ground and in the classroom.

“It’s such an honor and privilege to be able to train these folks. The spark that they have, that you wish all organizations could adopt, is that desire to serve and do whatever it takes to help the team and help others,” noted Rambo, whose wife and children were on hand for the ceremony. “Working with and living with those folks throughout my career was the greatest privilege because there’s no quit in them. They’ll do whatever it takes to support the team.”

“After serving for seventeen years, it’s always a great honor and privilege to be with troops, especially as we start to educate our new generation of leaders,” remarked LTC John McLaughlin, who served on operational and combat deployments in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. “Kyle Rambo has done just a fantastic job with the program. The cadets who I’ve worked with thus far have impressed me with their maturity and intellect. Their performance over the summer at their training has been just phenomenal. I’m excited to take over the program. Kyle has done a great job and established a great foundation, which we will undoubtedly continue to build off of.”

Lieutenant Colonel McLaughlin will take over the reigns for the ROTC program just in time for the start of the new school year.