We Energies plans temporary drawdown of Michigamme Falls

CRYSTAL FALLS, Mich. – We Energies has received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for a planned construction project at its Michigamme Falls Hydroelectric Plant, also known as Lower Dam, located in the Iron County township of Mastodon.

To complete necessary maintenance at its Michigamme Falls plant, We Energies needs to drawdown the Michigamme Falls Dam impoundment. On August 17,  We Energies will begin lowering the normal impoundment elevation by approximately 10 feet.

On the same date, We Energies also will close its public boat launch at recreation site #8 on the Michigamme Falls impoundment and recreation site #36 just below the Peavy Falls powerhouse. The closures are being made to ensure worker and public safety during construction. Canoe portages around the dams are not affected.

The impoundment is scheduled to begin refilling when construction is complete, which is anticipated on or before November 1. The refill rate depends on precipitation runoff but is expected to return to normal levels by December 1.