UPDATE: Strange-looking cloud formations

UPDATE: 3:09 p.m.

Denise Berland sent us the photo, and a former ABC 10 meteorologist has helped us answer her question.

Norway native Joe Charlevoix says on Facebook that someone sent him a similar photo taken Monday near Iron Mountain.

Joe says the cloud formations are mammatus clouds. They’re usually made of ice and they’re often a sign that a severe thunderstorm is coming.

An ABC 10 viewer sent us a photo of some strange-looking cloud formations and would like some help identifying them.

strange cloudsShe tells us the picture was taken on Monday, and she commented on their bubble-like shape.

The clouds may also appear to be like a large number of cotton balls, or possibly even part of a human foot, depending on where you look.

The orange-yellow tint visible in the sky may also be unusual, possibly suggesting the photo was taken close to sunset.

If you have a better idea than we do of what type or types of clouds these are, let us know!