Have you seen Jasper?


Jasper, a one and a half year old Bernese Mountain Dog, has been missing since July 4th.

This unassuming, yet illusive, 90 pound Bernese Mountain Dog has been missing since July 4th at 11 p.m.

Jasper, only one and a half years old, was last seen along High Street, headed toward the Landmark Inn. His ‘humans’ are asking the Marquette community to help find him…and they’re using old school and new tech to get the word out.

https://www.facebook.com/findjasper  and  #findjasper are set up to help his owner, Katie Griffen, find him.  Katie – and Jasper supporters – have plastered ‘Missing Dog’ posters around the city of Marquette and are asking for any and all help in locating the pooch.

Katie says, “Don’t try to catch him.  He was not treated well by a previous owner and is skittish.”


Jasper is very shy. His owner says to keep your eye on him…and call 906-869-4401 or 906-360-8588 if you see him.

Katie says Jasper is wearing a red collar and is incredibly shy.  She believes Jasper will only run away if a stranger approaches, chases or tries to grab him.

Additionally, being true to the breed, Jasper likes to hide.  Katie thinks he may be tucked away under a deck or in the woods, trying to stay cool.

Call 906-869-4401 or
906-360-8588 if you see him.