UPDATE: Vehicle vs. moose accident on M-95

Two Republic men are recovering from minor injuries in Marquette General Hospital after striking a moose on M-95 five miles south of U.S. 41.

The incident happened in Republic Township around 10:30 Friday night when 42-year-old Neil Naminsky II abruptly swerved in attempt to avoid two moose standing along the roadway only to strike a third moose that had suddenly appeared in the vehicle’s path. Nieminsky was accompanied by 33-year-old Martin Oakley in a 1995 Subaru Legacy and tried to avoid striking the animal head-on, but was unable to do so. The moose was dispatched by the Michigan DNR.

Both men sustained minor injuries and were transported to Marquette General Hospital by Bell Memorial EMS. The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department was assisted on the scene by the Michigan DNR.