Plenty of pollen this summer

Not only is it summer, but it’s also pollen season.

Pollen in the Upper Peninsula varies because the weather changes so often, meaning people with allergies see symptoms at different times.

It is the end of tree pollen season and the start of grass pollen season, so right now there is plenty of pollen in the air.

However, most pollen people are allergic to pollen they cannot see.  The pollen is microscopic.

“When you see pollen on the lake, or pollen on the trees or even if you see Cottonwood pollen that’s large, white, and fluffy floating around, they don’t generally cause allergic symptoms,” Dr. Bobby Joseph, an allergist at the Peninsula Medical Center said.  “There’s other pollen, like Birch, Elm, Maple and Oak pollen, or Timothy Grass pollen, Ragweed pollen that’s microscopic.  Those are the kind of pollens that cause symptoms.”

If you do suffer from allergies, one way to alleviate symptoms is to stay inside during peak hours.

“You shouldn’t hang your clothes, bed sheets or pillowcases out to dry, because pollen can get stuck to wet clothing and can make you feel miserable,” Joseph said.  “In the pollen season, you should take a shower at the end of the day to wash pollen off of your body and hair before you go to bed.”

“So those are some of the things you can do.  You can also keep your doors and windows closed to prevent pollen from coming indoors.”

Allergy sufferers can also buy over the counter medication, or if allergies are serious, see a doctor for allergy shots.