Copper Country board members embody gold standard

Three Houghton County School Board members are being honored for their efforts in leadership and development. The Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) awards school board members across Michigan every year for their commitment to student achievement and their own continued improvement.

2013 Houghton Certified Board Member Awards (CBA):

Karen Johnson – Calumet Public Schools – Master Platinum Award

Robert L. Roy – Copper Country ISD – Award of Distinction

Albert Koskela – Copper Country ISD – Data Specialty Award & President’s Award of Recognition

These locally elected board members have gone the extra mile to serve their communities, districts, and students. They’ve been rewarded for completing MASB’s leadership training program, conference attendance, years of service, and leadership activities.

Last year more than 1,000 school board members statewide participated in MASB’s professional development program for elected school leaders. Collectively, school board members spent close to 7,000 hours attending board training courses in the traditional classroom setting, and an additional 864 hours in the online setting.

“I’ve worked with school boards and public schools for more than 15 years and am always in awe at the commitment of so many members. The time they spend being servant leaders and honing their skills are second to none,” said MASB Executive Director Kathy Hayes. “Schools are under exceptional pressure to be innovative and reinvent the way they deliver education. Training equips them with the tools necessary to make the best decisions for Michigan’s school children.”

Levels of Certification/Awards

Level 1 – Certified Board Member Award: Nine 100-level CBA classes

Level 2 – Award of Merit: Level 1 plus 45 education credits

Level 3 – Award of Distinction: Levels 1 and 2, four advanced level CBA classes and 208 education credits

Level 4 – Master Board Member: Levels 1-3, nine advanced level CBA classes and 368 education credits

Level 5 – Master Diamond: Levels 1-4, 14 advanced level classes and 528 education credits

Level 6 – Master Platinum: Levels 1-5, 19 advanced level classes and 813 education credits

Level 7 – President’s Award of Recognition: Levels 1-6, 29 advanced level classes and 1,383 education credits

Advocacy Skills Specialty – Level 1 and six advanced level communications classes

Data Specialty – Level 1 and six advanced level data classes