Mqt. historical bus tours returning

A popular summertime method of seeing the city of Marquette in a new way is returning in July.

The Marquette Regional History Center is bringing back its historical bus tours.

The center has offered historical bus tours and trolley tours in the summertime for several years now, but the bus tours have some new wrinkles this time around.

“Ellen Harlow’s going to be showing up,” History Center educator Betsy Rutz said. “She was one of the very first children to land in the town of Marquette from outside the area, way back in the 1840s, and she came here when Marquette was still wilderness with her parents.”

Presidents William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt are also likely to make appearances, since they both visited Marquette about a hundred years ago.

“All ages enjoy these tours,” Rutz said. “We get people laughing and having a great time while riding around in a town that may seem familiar. You’re going to learn a lot of interesting facts and quirks.”

Tickets cost $15 each, and because seating for each tour is limited, the History Center suggests buying them in advance.

The tickets are available at the History Center’s website or by calling (906) 226-3571.