Minnesota man hiking 4,600 miles

A Minnesota man is taking a breather in Marquette as he hikes from North Dakota to New England.

Luke Jordan is trying to do something that only three people have ever done in a single season.

He set out in snowy conditions in the last week of March.

Luke is on a scheduled rest stop, and he’s staying at a home on Altamont Street in Marquette.

“I am doing a through-hike of the North Country National Scenic Trail, which is one of eleven in the country at the moment,” he said. “It’s actually the longest; it’s 4,600 miles and stretches from, basically, the Missouri River in North Dakota to the Appalachian Trail in Vermont.”

When he’s not resting, he’s trying to hike 25 miles per day.

His shoes rack up miles very quickly, but he’s prepared for that.

“These ones are almost done,” Luke said. “I’ve got another pair coming in Grand Marais, so in a couple of days, I’ll get those. I actually got three in anticipation for this trip, so that should get me covered.”

Luke is heading back out onto the trail on either Thursday or Friday.

If everything goes well, he expects to complete the trail at the Vermont-New York state line in the second week of October.

You can find out more about Luke, and the trail, here.