Water safety is as important as ever

The scare at Black Rocks is a reminder to people heading to the beach and into the water that Lake Superior can and always will be dangerous.

The Marquette Waterfront Safety Task Force has helped reduce the number of drowning incidents over the past few years by posting waterfront safety information at beaches safe for swimming, The Task Force advocates swimming in areas with a lifeguard duty and learning how to swim.

Just because the air is warm, doesn’t mean the water will be.

“For those of us who live around Lake Superior, we know how dangerous of a lake it can be, whether its from currents or from water temperature alone,” noted Capt. Gordon Warchock of the Marquette Police Department.

“Particularly this year, the water hasn’t warmed up like it did last year. The cold water will zap your strength and rob you of any abilities you may have had very quickly. Some people who live here and they see people (that are not from the area), it wouldn’t hurt to mention something about the water being only 40 degrees right now because they might not be aware of it at all,” Warchock added.

Looking to the flags for water conditions is also helpful, but not ironclad. Make sure someone knows where you’re planning on swimming just to be safe.