‘Spamalot’ performances at Vista Theater

If you are looking for some laughter this weekend, the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council’s latest production may be right for you.

‘Spamalot’ opened Thursday night at the Vista Theater in Negaunee.  The musical is based off the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and has plenty of British humor that will keep the audience laughing.

“The show is so quirky you can definitely have fun with your character and just go with it,” Brian McDonald said, who plays Arthur.  “No one really ever notices how much fun you’re having because the play is meant to be that funny and have that much fun doing it.”

Since PAAC is producing the play, it allows actors of all different ages to get involved.

“The different ages has really worked nicely,” Laura Nagle, who plays Lady of the Lake said.  “I think that’s the beauty of community theater because everyone has something special to offer, so it’s been a nice melding of talents.”

“We didn’t really have all that long to practice,” McDonald said.  “So I think everyone has been putting in hard work and there’s been a lot of energy put into this play.”

Tickets are only $12 dollars for adults, and $8 for  high school students.  There are performances Saturday, June 8 and June 13-15.  All performances start at 7:30 p.m.