Seniors celebrate graduation in Negaunee

The end of May means the beginning of high school graduations.

On Friday night, friends and family gathered for graduation of the Class of 2013 from Negaunee High School.

The ceremony had performances from the Negaunee High School Mixed Chorus and Orchestra, as well as speeches that told the graduates to look to the future, but to not forget the past.

“Now we must go and take more steps into our futures and go our separate ways, ” Class President Ashley Gagnon said in he welcome address.  “My hope is that we never lose each other in the process.  I hope that if any of you need anything, you don’t hesitate to ask the person sitting next to you for help.”

“By representing the graduating class, I’d like to thank the teachers that helped us along the way, and the administrators and staff,” Valedictorian Emma Davis said during her address.  “I would especially like to thank our parents, for being there through thick and thin, for sitting in the rain during school events, shuttling us from place to place and just for parenting us.”

Negaunee High School Principal Mark Marana told the students to come back and visit, saying that “you might find out that me and Mr. (Andrew) Brunette aren’t too bad of people”, followed by laughter from the students and crowd.

The class flower was the Forget-Me-Not; the class song was “Lean on Me”; the class colors were turquoise, purple and pearl.

Principal Marana said the community had awarded over $40,000 in scholarships to the senior class.

The Class of 2013 had 96 graduates.