Commission talks senior center, sign ordinances

Plans continue to move forward for the Marquette Senior Center.  At the Marquette City Commission Meeting Monday night, the commissioners heard reports on the project.

However, there is no set budget for the project, or time table for when the renovations to the senior center would be complete.  Looking over reports is important for setting the fiscal year budget for the city.

“Those (the reports) will end up going into the budget year process for next year’s budget,” Commissioner Frederick Stonehouse said.  “And at that point, we’ll make a decision.”

“It’s a blank slate, and an opportunity for the commission, and the public too, to weigh in as we get to the budget process.”

The commission also accepted some amendments to the city’s current sign ordinances, such as size and type of signs businesses can display.  The amendments are designed to make the sign ordinance up to date.

“Those sign ordinances will principally look at, I think, at how larger retailers fit into the community,” Stonehouse said.  “For example, we have some small shopping centers within the city limits.  What should the rules for those be, as opposed to perhaps, more traditional locations.”

The commission voted to prepare a PUD contract with the City Attorney for a new bed and breakfast.  The bed and breakfast, called Nestledown Bed and Breakfast, would be located at 975 Lakeshore Boulevard.