Houghton & Chippewa Co. land humanities grants

LANSING— The Michigan Humanities Council Board of Directors approved funding this week for the spring 2013 major grants cycle. MHC received a total of 71 eligible applications for this cycle. Of those, 26 have been approved for a total award of $300,417. Those grantees will leverage an additional $910,281.

Major grants are awarded on an annual basis to Michigan nonprofits in support of cultural, educational and community-based public humanities programming. These grants play a vital role in defining our culture, our state, our community and ourselves, and are intended to connect us to Michigan’s rich cultural heritage and historical resources. The maximum major grant award is $15,000. For interested applicants, the next cycle will be in the spring of 2014. For more information on these grants, please visit www.michiganhumanities.org.

Awarded grantees in Upper Michigan are:

Chippewa County

…Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society – $15,000

…Lake Superior State University –$2,930

…Bayliss Public Library – $5,674

Houghton County

…Calumet Theatre Company – $15,000

The Michigan Humanities Council is a private, nonprofit organization created to foster a better understanding of each other and the state of Michigan through local cultural, historical and literary experiences for all. The Council was founded in 1974 and is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities and individual donors.