Bill Could Cut Taxes for Disabled Veterans

LANSING— State Senator Glenn Anderson (D-Westland) has been working diligently for six years on an effort to reduce the tax burden for Michigan’s disabled veterans. He has introduced legislation to allow for this reduction every session since taking office in the State Senate in 2007. Senate Bill 104, this year’s version of the bill, would give local governmental units the ability to exempt 100% disabled veterans living in their communities from local property taxes on their principal homes. After a great deal of research and many discussions with interested parties including veteran representatives, his bill is scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Finance Committee.

“Even if local communities wanted to do this, under current state law, they cannot,” said Anderson. “Being 100% service related disabled, these former members of our armed forces cannot go back to work in civilian life, which makes getting by, financially, very difficult. I believe that, given the opportunity, local communities around Michigan will want to help them out after all they have done for us.”

Senate Bill 104 is co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans and has support from several veteran organizations. Senator Anderson has worked with the chairman of the committee, Senator Jack Brandenburg (R-Harrison Township), veterans groups, and representatives of local governments around Michigan to make sure that this bill will provide assistance to the veterans who truly need it. The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a hearing to discuss the bill on Wednesday, May 8th at 12:30pm in Room 210 of the Farnum Building in Lansing.

“I’m looking forward to getting this bill moving and passed after 6 years of working to provide this relief for Michigan’s disabled veterans,” said Anderson. “As we look ahead to Memorial Day, when we remember our fallen soldiers, I am pleased that we are finally taking action on this legislation to help our disabled veterans who also sacrificed so much.”

Any veterans interested in showing their support for this bill are encouraged to call or write Senator Anderson’s office in Lansing at (517) 373-1707.