Michigan Tech campus forum

Despite cuts in government funding to higher education, the outlook for Michigan Tech remains optimistic.

That’s the message MTU President Dr. Glenn Mroz shared with members of the university during their year-end campus forum.

One of the adjustments Michigan Tech has made was going to a plateau tuition rate starting next year, meaning there will be a single rate paid for full-time students taking 12 to 18 credit hours.

“The nice thing about the plateau is, it puts us in the same company as some of our major competitors, like the University of Michigan,” Dr. Mroz said. “And it makes it easy for students to compare directly between Michigan Tech and engineering tuition at the University of Michigan and other places like that.”

This Saturday, roughly 1,000 Tech undergraduate and graduate students will receive their degrees.

Mroz says it’s not the number of students that matters…it’s the quality.

“We’re thinking that the placement rate for students this year is going to be at least equal to last year’s, which was 95%,”, he said, “so while you hear from a lot of other universities that students aren’t finding their place in the workforce, our students are doing pretty well right now.”