Facility upgrades planned for MGH

The Marquette City Commission met Monday night to discuss a myriad of issues, including the future of Marquette General Hospital.

Marquette General Hospital joined Duke Lifepoint Healthcare several months ago, and now they are nearing finalization on both long and short–term facility upgrades.

A cosmetic facelift will be implemented over the next few of weeks.  Larger plans to add four stories and 60 patient rooms to the West Building will take effect throughout the year.

The increase, in both size and scope, will make a huge economic impact in the area.

“We intend to hire 52 new physicians this year, and then another 32 additional physicians next year, which is good,” Gary Muller, CEO of Marquette General Hospital said.  “Then we have the financial part. Marquette General used to be non–profit, paid no taxes. Now Marquette General is for-profit. It will pay major taxes, yet to be determined, but it will be millions for our local economy every year.”

Officials are striving to complete upgrades in the majority of the existing facilities and specialty areas over the next five to ten years.

Those initiatives will focus on installing more outpatient services, and centers of excellence for cancer care and heart health.

“We’ll also allow the patient to come and have a ‘one-stop shop experience’ for their patient care,” Muller added.  “We do intend to look at helicopter service that would link all the partner hospitals around the U.P.  And then added services, we have not quite determined. But, we know we’re going to be expanding services and keep service we do have already.”

Many other improvements, additions, and demolitions of some existing structures are on the drawing board.