FinnFest saunas

Few things are as Finnish as a sauna. ABC 10 Keweenaw bureau reporter Rick Allen has the details on an effort to dot the Copper Country with saunas in time for FinnFest.

When FinnFest arrives in June, thousands of people will visit the Copper Country. When they come, they will find saunas, and saunas, and more saunas.

It’s part of a project spearheaded by local artist Mary Wright who says the saunas will be a welcome sight to those coming for the international Finnish festival.

Mary expects to have 50 to 100 saunas at several locations in time for FinnFest. Several questions remain concerning the project, such as—What will happen to the saunas after June.

Mary knows what she would like to see. No plans for a sauna museum have been finalized.