Hands-on learning at History Museum

What did the first telephone sound like? Can you believe voices traveled through those antiquated wire systems? Enjoy the history behind the technology through a program schedule later this month in Marquette.

Saturday, March 16, at the Marquette Regional History Center, The Third Saturday Series continues with an open house format hands-on and activity day. The series features a new theme each month.

This month, “It’s All About Sound!” will take place Saturday, March 16, at the Marquette Regional History Center
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and is included with museum admission (Adult: $7 Senior: $6 Student: $3, 12 & under: $2.)

From 11:00-11:30 a.m., Jim Koski from WMQT will talk about what sound is, and about radio and how it’s changed.
The remainder of the activity day will include fun hands-on and ears-on activities for all ages including a “name that sound” game and “sound hunt” in the exhibit gallery. Try your hand at Morse code and an array of musical instruments, then make your own sound-transmission tool. Antique sound producing, transmitting, and recording devices from the museum’s collection (such as a 120 year old telephone) will be out for visitors to view and even hear.

Marquette Regional History Center is located at 145 West Spring Street in downtown Marquette. For more information, call 906.226.3571 or go online to: marquettehistory.org