Premium pizzas come to U.P.

The toppings that many of us want on a pizza may be changing.

Certain premium ingredients have become much more popular in U.S. restaurants within the last few years.

One national pizza chain has rolled out some new pies in the U.P. to keep up with changing tastes.

Papa Murphy’s is now selling what it calls the Primo Line of premium pizzas in test markets around the country.

Iron Mountain is one of those test areas, and Iron Mountain Papa Murphy’s store manager Holli Beeck says customers have been curious.

She says many Americans’ palates are changing, and cable TV cooking shows are helping to drive that change.

The Primo Line includes goat cheese, fennel sausage, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula.

The company learned recently that customers wanted those ingredients and would be willing to pay extra for them.

Papa Murphy’s is selling the Primo Line at about 25% of its stores around the country, and the primo pizzas will go nationwide if they sell well enough.