Great Bear Chase aided by MTU grads

Cross-Country Skiers taking part in the Great Bear Chase will have a better look at the trails in Calumet thanks to a couple of Michigan Tech grads.  Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has the story.

To give cross-county skiers a better view of the trails for the Great Bear Chase…a company started by two former Michigan Tech students is giving them an up-close look.

Co-founder of Trail Genius Chris Marr hit the trails at Swedetown in Calumet with his team to map out the area using video and GPS technology.

Marr created the company along with fellow Tech Alumna Jason Manders to better feature the trails to outdoor enthusiasts outside the area.

Marr captures the trail on contour action cams along with two GPS devices.  He then combines that information with his company’s software into an interactive map.

The video maps are available on the Great Bear Chase website just in time for the cross-country ski race next weekend.