CopperDog Sled Dog Race is this weekend

Mushers have only two days left to prepare for this weekend’s CopperDog Sled Dog Race in Calumet.  ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has more on how one local musher is getting ready.



The CopperDog Sled Dog Race draws some of the best mushers in the country.

To get his team ready, ‘Sharks Came Racing’ musher Jerry Trudell is taking his team of sled dogs on their final runs before the race.  The morning begins at dawn as Jerry loads up his team and heads to the trails. The team has to be ready to run the grueling three–day 150–mile course that is as much about the hilly terrain as it is about the distance.

And mushers must be ready for when things inevitably go wrong.

After a brisk morning run…the dogs must be fed.   And a little extra TLC doesn’t hurt.  The start and finish of the CopperDog Sled Dog Race takes place in Calumet this weekend.

Stay tuned to ABC 10 throughout the weekend for updates on the race.