President Obama delivers State of the Union address

President Obama gave the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

In his speech, the President talked on a wide range of topics including the economy and raising minimum wage, immigration, and utilizing green energy.

“A growing economy that creates good, middle-class jobs – that must be the North Star that guides our efforts.  Every day, we should ask ourselves three questions as a nation:  How do we attract more jobs to our shores?  How do we equip our people with the skills needed to do those jobs?  And how do we make sure that hard work leads to a decent living?,” Obama said in an excerpt from his speech.

Obama said that the middle class is the engine of America’s growth and improving economy.

He also called for bringing American troops home from Afghanistan within the year.

Obama added that Americans cannot expect the government to do everything, and that there needs to be compromise between both Democrats and Republicans.

“It is our unfinished task to make sure that this government works on behalf of the many, and not just the few; that it encourages free enterprise, rewards individual initiative, and opens the doors of opportunity to every child across this great nation of ours,” he said.