Ish. ski jump tournament prep

The Ishpeming Ski Club is in the final week of preparation leading up to its annual ski jumping tournament at Suicide Hill.

The club has held the competition every year since 1888, so this will be its 126th edition.

That makes the tournament the longest-running event of its kind in the U.S.

After some concern early in the season about whether the 90–meter hill would have enough snow, the club has it in good shape.

Zak Hammill, the club’s coach, says after preparing for about a month, they’ll do some fine-tuning next week based on what Mother Nature dishes out in the next few days.

Ski jumpers from throughout the world will be there.

Many of the people involved with the club have competed in the tournament themselves, but now, they have the work of running the tournament on their minds.

Chief of competition Dale Fredette competed in the 1970s; the clubhouse at the bottom of the hill has a photo on one of its walls of him jumping in 1979.

He says it’s just expected that if you’re involved with the club, you’re going to have to work.

The tournament begins next Wednesday at 6 pm at Suicide Hill.

A fireworks display will follow the ski jumping at about 8 pm.