Study finds KBIC gas station harmful for economy

A new study says the proposed Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station in Marquette Township would mean lost jobs and lost tax money.

The U.P. Petroleum Association paid for the study.

A Western Michigan University economics professor and a business consulting firm prepared it.

The study claims the KBIC station could mean losing $850,000 to $1.7 million in tax revenue per year.

U.P. Petroleum Association board member Steve Rush says it could also mean the loss of up to 63 jobs, as well as $10.7 million dollars in yearly in-store sales and $25 million in yearly petroleum sales in Marquette County.

The U.P. Petroleum Association represents 90 gas stations across the Upper Peninsula.

The group has opposed the KBIC station for some time now.

The study says the proposed station is anti–small business because gas stations and the attached convenience stores, where there are some, typically employ about a dozen people each.

The KBIC has said it will move forward with the gas station if the U.S. Department of Interior allows them to place the property into trust.

We contacted the KBIC and asked tribal officials to comment on this story; they have not replied.

The study can be found online here.