Missing cow in Iron Mountain

The search continues for a missing pregnant cow in Iron Mountain.

Brian and Carol Pilot’s female, large Blonde cow has been missing since Saturday.  The Pilot’s call the cow ‘Amazing Grace.’  She is five feet tall, weighs about 1,500 pounds, and is pregnant.

Amazing Grace was spooked by a horse on their farm, and broke through a fence on the Pilot’s farm on Peterson Drive in Iron Mountain Saturday afternoon.

Blonde Cow; similar coloring as Amazing Grace

They tracked the cow five miles south of their farm on Sunday, but have lost track of the cow.  Her owners say Amazing Grace has not had anything to eat in a few days, and that is dangerous for her and her calf.

The Pilot’s are afraid she will be killed by coyotes or wolves if not found soon.

An email address has been set up if anyone has information on missing cow.  The email address is lostcow2013@yahoo.com.  The Pilot’s phone number is (906) 221-0307, or call the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department at (906) 774-6262.