“Avenue Q” performed at NMU

A new play will be performed this weekend at the Panowski Black Box Theatre on Northern Michigan University’s campus.

The play, called “Avenue Q” is described as “Sesame Street” for adults.  It follows the story of Princeton, a recent college graduate, who just moved to New York City.  The play shows the people he runs into on the streets, and those that live near him.

Director Susan Boyle, said there are thirteen actors in the play, and all but three of them use puppets.  They have been practicing for the play since mid-October.  The puppets were designed and made at NMU.  One puppet, called Mrs. T, is a kindergarten teacher who lives on Avenue Q.

“Avenue Q” debuted on Friday night.  There are two showings on Saturday: one at 7:30 p.m. and one at midnight.

It costs $5 to attend.  While Boyle said “Avenue Q” is a funny play, it is for adults only.