Air Force recruit loses weight

Finding a job isn’t easy these days.

And, for people who are thinking of joining the military, there are some hoops to jump through.  All military branches say they can not accept people with criminal or drug backgrounds.  Another hurdle for prospective recruits is their weight.

The only thing holding Kelsey Fosdick, an Upper Peninsula Air Force recruit, back from realizing her dream of joining the armed forces was her weight.

After many months of hard work and determination, Fosdick was able to lose the 50 pounds necessary to enlist.  Fosdick didn’t think of the weight loss as an obstacle.  Instead, she took it on as a challenge.

Fitness instructors say anyone who wants to lose weight can keep the Michigan Health Department slogan in mind:  “Eat less – move more.”  Instructors say walking – indoors or out – is a low impact and easy way to get started on a fitness program.