Group rallies at Benishek's Marquette office

As another expression against current political policies, the Good Jobs UP North held another rally at the downtown Marquette office of Republican Congressman Dan Benishek.

The group’s spokesman, Brian Welsh. said in a press release, “With the middle class tax cut being held hostage by Congressman Dan Benishek and other Republicans desperate to keep the richest 2% from paying their fair share in taxes, working families around are taking a stand.”

The group is demanding that Benishek sign-on to a petition in Washington to extend the middle class tax cut immediately. Welsh says, otherwise, struggling families would have to worry through the holidays about an increase in taxes in 2013.

In a response from his office, Congressman Dan Benishek’s Communications Assistant Kyle Bonini replied, “Dr. Benishek welcomes input from his constituents on how best to address our nation’s fiscal challenges.   Dr. Benishek favors significantly reducing wasteful spending and reforming the tax code to raise federal revenue and create jobs in Northern Michigan.  Instead of enacting President Obama’s job-killing tax increases that won’t even put a dent in our federal deficits, Dr. Benishek has already voted in support of keeping taxes low on all Americans.  The President’s tax increases won’t solve the problem that our federal government spends more money than it takes in and will only fund the government for a mere 8 days. Dr. Benishek believes if President Obama will not accept the reasonable compromise plan that was offered by House Leadership, the President has an obligation to present a real plan and work with Congress in a bipartisan manner to do what’s best for Northern Michigan families.”