NMU ROTC Cadets Rank Among National Leaders

From 2nd Lieutenant Morgan Steele:

Over this past summer seven Cadets from NMU attended the Leadership Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, Washington.

The Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) serves as the capstone exercise and training event for all ROTC Cadets in the Nation.

More than 5,000 Army ROTC Cadets from over 273 universities and colleges, who typically spend three years preparing for their trip to Fort Lewis, competed during the course this summer.

LDAC is the largest training event that the Army conducts annually.

The course consists of 29 days of daily leadership challenges, team building events, physically demanding tasks and military skills testing.

Cadets receive formal evaluations in all areas from U.S. Army certified cadre in both a tactical and garrison environment.

Recently the Professor of Military Science at NMU, LTC Kyle Rambo, was notified by 3rd Brigade, U.S. Army Cadet Command that NMU Cadets had outperformed all other Cadets in the entire Brigade, which includes over 40 schools in a 10 state Midwestern area, and their results were among the very best in the entire nation.

NMU Cadets accomplished this monumental task by consistently exceeding course standards in all evaluated events.

Additionally, NMU Cadets received the highest possible course evaluations from their own peers at LDAC.

For Army ROTC Cadets the Leadership Development and Assessment Course is the culminating training event in their cadet career, similar to a college National Championship Game, but instead of a trophy Cadets will receive a career of their choice in the Army.

NMU Cadets who  demonstrated they can perform like champions when the pressure is on were: Cadets Farquhar, Houser, Linsmeyer, Mallard, Marciniak, Rodenberg, and Zelinski.

Upon graduation from NMU in 2013, these Cadets will be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, receive the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, and begin their successful careers leading Soldiers.