Inspirational Anti-Bullying Speech

A Wisconsin man reached out to Negaunee-area young people and adults tonight about the effects of bullying.

Author and motivational speaker Bob Lenz spoke before a full house at Negaunee High School tonight.

He likes to say that if young people laugh, they’ll listen; if they’ll listen, they’ll learn, and if that happens, they may choose to love.

Lenz says he’s found laughter is the best way to tap into young people’s hearts and minds, saying that he wants to provide a ray of hope.

He says he knows he won’t be able to stop all bullying, but he wants to show youth that no matter what is said or done to them, bullying doesn’t have to control their lives.

Negaunee–area churches put on the event.

Lenz speaks before almost half a million students every year, and he gets around; his next engagement is in Sacramento, California tomorrow night.