Canada-U.S. Relations in an Hour

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the war in which the U.S. attacked what later became Canada.

And this year, many of the events at the annual Sonderegger Symposium at Northern Michigan University have to do with the War of 1812.

The symposium explores areas of interest in U.P. and Michigan history.

The Detroit–based Consul General of Canada kicked it off tonight.

Dr. Roy Norton is responsible for promoting Canada’s interests in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

He presented what he says might be called exhibit ‘A’ of the other side of the war of 1812.

Norton says after the war essentially ended in a stalemate, both the U.S. and Canada realized it would be much more beneficial to them both to develop the cordial relationship they now have than to remain adversaries.

Norton called his presentation ‘236 Years of Canada-U.S. Relations in an Hour’.

But tomorrow morning, he’ll have a different program for the Lake Superior Community Partnership.

Norton says that one will be about the new Detroit-Windsor bridge.

The Sonderegger Symposium continues all day tomorrow at NMU’s West Science Building.