Former political opponent endorses Dianda

Ironwood — William Lucius of Ironwood, former Democratic primary candidate for the Michigan State House’s 110th District, has formally announced his support and endorsement for Scott Dianda (D, Calumet) in the general election.

In a statement released Thursday, Lucius said,  “I decided to run for office to stop the assault on my children’s education, to restructure the support services available to our aging population in the western UP, and to focus on job creation. As I traveled across the UP it was clear that so many citizens want these priorities to be the focus of our State Representative. While I was unsuccessful, I am glad that it was to a person such as Scott Dianda who shares in my, and so many others, belief in our children’s future, supporting our seniors and unemployed, and retaining local control in our government. It is time to return the seat of the 110th District to a person who understands the needs of the western UP and who will put the District’s people above party or profit. I look forward to working with Scott as we move this District forward to a better tomorrow.”

Dianda will face Republican incumbent Matt Huuki in the November 6 election.