Texting for help: Dial Help launches new program

Text messaging is one of the most common ways people communicate – and now that method of communication is expanding to help people in crisis. When experiencing a crisis, help is available through the Dial Help Community Support and Outreach Center in Houghton.

It’s National Suicide Prevention Week and so Dial Help is launching 2-way text messaging with a live crisis specialist—the first of it’s kind in the Upper Peninsula.

Because text messaging has become one of the most popular ways people communicate with each other…it was time to add texting to list of ways help can be reached.

Examples of a crisis include feeling depressed, thoughts of suicide, grief or loss of something or someone important, or the need to get into counseling or substance abuse treatment.

Dial Help also offers crisis support by phone or by live chat via the internet.

To reach a crisis specialist by text…you can send a message to 906-35-NEEDS.