Pure Michigan FIT Program

Earlier this year, Governor Rick Snyder rolled out the Pure Michigan FIT program.

It’s a health and safety initiative aimed at families, and it promotes healthy food options native to Michigan.

Elmer’s Market in Escanaba hosted a Pure Michigan FIT expo on Thursday.

Former Detroit Lion Luther Elliss was on hand to sign autographs and promote chocolate milk.

He says it’s an excellent recovery option after a workout because it offers more nutrients and more electrolytes than many other drinks.

Elliss, Jilbert Dairy of Marquette and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan had samples of a chocolate milk and berry smoothie.

Elliss says he and his NFL teammates drank quite a bit of milk; he and his family also go through about a gallon a day now.

Elliss was also on hand at the U.P. State Fair today to promote chocolate milk.

Olympic and X–Games snowboarder Nick Baumgartner of Iron River was in Escanaba to plug chocolate milk on Wednesday.