Michigan State of Energy Emergency

Michigan is now in its first full day under a state of energy emergency.

Governor Rick Snyder declared it late Tuesday through an executive order.

The energy emergency came about because of a fuel pipeline break.

The West Shore Pipeline carries about 70,000 barrels of fuel from Chicago to Green Bay every day.

Gas and diesel fuel are brought from there to service stations in the western and central U.P.

The West Shore Pipeline ruptured on Tuesday of last week in Jackson, Wisconsin, 10 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

About a thousand barrels of fuel leaked into the soil.

The rupture has been fixed, the pipeline re–opened Saturday night and the contaminated soil is being removed.

But the transport of the fuel that the pipeline missed out on by being closed for more than four days has been affected.

Instead of heading north from green bay, the fuel bound for the U.P. has to be trucked into the area from Milwaukee or Madison instead.

The longer driving distances cost more money and create problems following state and federal hours–of–service regulations for fuel truck drivers.

The emergency declaration allows for those regulations to be suspended.

Snyder’s order will remain in effect until August 7th unless it’s rescinded first.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed a similar order for the northeastern part of his state.

Walker’s order is in place until July 31st.