Heritage Eyes Cooks Wind Farm

Heritage Sustainable Energy, developer of the wind farm on the Garden Peninsula, says it’s just started to look into building a second U.P. wind farm.The company behind the Upper Peninsula’s first wind farm wants to build another.

It’s in the very early stages of examining the idea.

Heritage Sustainable Energy of Traverse City is developing a wind farm in Delta County on the Garden Peninsula.

Construction of the first turbine began late last year.

Heritage also wants to develop a wind farm in Cooks, in Schoolcraft County.

Cooks is just north of the Garden Peninsula.

Rick Wilson, the vice president of operations of Heritage Sustainable Energy, says the company is just starting to look into a Cooks wind farm.

He says Heritage has a meteorological test tower in place in Cooks to measure wind speed and direction.

If construction of a wind farm there ever does take place, it won’t go forward for quite some time.

Wilson says they’d need to analyze several years of wind data from the tower before making any decisions.

The Garden Peninsula wind farm project will ultimately have 14 commercial wind turbines.

When all of them are operational, they should each produce two megawatts of electricity.