Ironwood Stoplights To Be Removed

From the Michigan Department of Transportation:

After studying traffic at three intersections on the US-2 Business Route (BR) in Ironwood for three months, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has determined the signals should be removed and the intersections should operate as four-way stops, permanently.

“After reviewing traffic volumes, delays, back-ups and crash data, we’ve determined that these signals are not warranted,” said Mike Premo, manager of MDOT’s Crystal Falls Transportation Service Center (TSC). “The intersections have worked very well as four-way stops.”

The Ironwood City Council agreed with the results of the study, and supports removing the signals. The signal heads will be removed beginning July 10, and the support poles will be removed as part of the joint streetscape project being done by MDOT and the city starting later this year.

To determine whether three traffic signals on US-2 BR in Ironwood were needed, MDOT placed them in flashing mode for 90 days beginning March 8. Two intersections, US-2 BR at Ayer Street and Aurora Street/Suffolk Street, were operated as four-way stops with a flashing red light for all directions. US-2 BR at Lowell Street was initially operated as a two-way stop then converted to a four-way stop, based on traffic operations at the intersection.

Review of the intersections showed they do not meet criteria for signals based on traffic volumes, pedestrian volumes, school crossings, crashes, and the overall roadway network. The signals could be reinstalled in the future if traffic patterns change and justify their addition.

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