Joint Water Rate Study

The Marquette City Commission held a special joint meeting with Marquette Charter Township tonight. The focus: a joint water rate study.

Both the city and the township were prepared tonight to discuss finalizing adjustments to water rates. Baker Tilly: a full service accounting and advisory firm out of Madison, Wisconsin, conducted a study of water usage in the city and township. The findings were presented tonight to help both boards make their decisions.

Ultimately, the boards believed they have no choice but to raise the rates. Effective July first, the water rates will be raised about 3%.

For the first 4,400 hundred cubic feet per month the rate will go up 5 cents. And for water usage above 4,400 per month the rate is increasing 7 cents per month. The adjustment will allow both the city and township to earn a return on their investment in infrastructure to serve the joint water system.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly

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