Distracted Driving: Bonnie's Story

In part four of our distracted driving series, we continue the story of Bonnie Raffaelle of Sault Ste. Marie.

She lost one of her daughters in a distracted driving accident in 2010.

Bonnie travels from school to school to pass her message along.

Earlier this month, she sat down with Eric Hammerstrom, a teacher at Marquette Senior High School.

They recorded the interview for the students of MSHS.

For the students who helped produce the show, Bonnie’s story really hit home.

Micah Argeropoulos says as attached as he and other young people are to cell phones as a means of communication, the safety of other people has to be at the forefront while behind the wheel.

Micah McCall says that as a 17-year-old who recently got his license, hearing Bonnie speak changed his mind about how likely he is to get into a distraction-related accident — he says he couldn’t bear the thought of putting his loved ones through the grief.

Tomorrow night, we’ll look at what Bonnie is doing in Lansing to help ensure other families don’t go through what she’s experienced.

Posted by: Mike Hoey