Lindberg & MEA Retired

MEA Retired is the group within the Michigan Education Association that retired former teachers belong to.

And like many current teachers, they’re concerned about the direction of state government over the last year or so.

Marquette State Representative Steve Lindberg is now the only Democrat in the state House from north of Clare.

And he’s a retired former educator himself.

He met with members of MEA Retired this morning to talk about some potential new wrinkles to state law.

Lindberg says one of those is a proposal in the state Senate to change the retirement program and health care benefit program for teachers.

He says it’s not clear whether the changes would be extended retroactively to retirees, but they may be.

MEA Retired also spoke about the Protect Our Jobs petition drive.

It’s an attempt to get a question on the ballot in November to protect collective bargaining rights and make right–to–work status unconstitutional in Michigan.

Posted by: Mike Hoey