Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve Contest

A local environmental nonprofit group is taking to the Internet to generate thousands of dollars in new funding.

Last year, the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve of Big Bay won an online fundraising contest.

It won $5,000 plus the money it was able to raise.

The outdoor apparel companies Patagonia and Moosejaw offered that prize.

Because the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve won last year, it’s been entered into this year’s contest automatically.

The contest is called the earth day challenge, and it has higher stakes this time.

First price is a bonus of $25,000.

Second prize is worth $15,000, and third prize is a $10,000 bonus.

The deadline is May 15th at midnight.

If you want to help the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve win this year’s challenge, you can do it here.

Posted by: Mike Hoey