Pure Michigan Bus Tour in Houghton

Pure Michigan visited 15 communities throughout the state and visited the Upper Peninsula’s Copper Country today.

Representatives from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation rolled into Houghton today. The Copper Country was the final stop in a statewide Pure Michigan Entrepreneurial Services Tour. And the state representatives say Houghton really stands out from the rest of the state.

The MTECH Smartzone is a business incubator that has helped many of these local start-ups off the ground. All three of these business owners were on-hand to hear of the more than 30 services Pure Michigan has to offer.

–Jess Tompkins owns Two Bows, LLC. She’s a student at Michigan Tech and now she is a business owner…designing hunting clothes for women.

–George Oikarinen helped design a new flooring tool and MTECH Smartzone was there. His company is G&S Tool Company, LLC.

–Ed Lahti owns Lahti Industries. He’s had all the ideas for new vehicle prototypes but needed help making a business out of his inventions.