Mental Health Services at Iron Mountain VA

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Mental Health Service at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center provides consultation, evaluation, and treatment for a variety of issues that can impact the emotional well-being of Veterans and their families. VA mental health professionals use effective and goal-oriented evidenced-based treatment to ensure positive and lasting benefits.

The VA has been committed to providing quality mental health services to rural Veterans, following the 9/11 tragedy and proceeding through the last ten years of U.S. combat action.

“We added 50 mental health providers over the last six years, which has improved the ability of Veterans in our area to seek and receive the treatments they need,” said Dr. Cliff Smith, Chief of Mental Health Services at the VA Medical Center.

“We have added a social worker and psychologist at six of our seven community based clinics,” he said, “making it possible for rural Veterans to receive outpatient psychotherapy without having to travel to Iron Mountain.”

“We continue to be committed to expanding our hiring and behavioral health programs at the Iron Mountain VA Medical Center and its community clinics in orde to provide superior services to all Veterans,” he added.

Mental health services provided at the VA Medical Center include, but are not limited to, treatments for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, relationship problems, anger management, aggressive or self-harming behaviors, vocational issues, stress from medical problems and/or pain, troublesome thoughts or ideas, confused thinking, and memory issues to name a few. They also provide mental health services for family members that are certified as care givers of disabled Veterans.