Tax Protests in Marquette

Midnight tonight is the deadline for getting your 2011 income taxes in the mail.

And, it’s been a pretty busy day at post offices across the country.

In Marquette, postal service officials say yesterday was busier than today.

A tax day rally took place just outside the Marquette post office this afternoon.

It was a public show of support for the “buffett rule”.

Several dozen people marched through downtown Marquette to demand the wealthiest “one percent” pay their fair share.

The march from the corner of Third and Washington to the office of congressman Dan Benishek was well received.

At the congressman’s office, the group was only able to essential leave a message with the staff.

But the good jobs now group added to its ranks.

Today, they focused the anti–war message at President Obama.

Since 2002, the citizens for peace and justice have been a staple at the federal courthouse in Marquette, usually on Saturday mornings.