Temporary drawdown of Lake LeVasseur in Marquette County

Lake LeVasseur State Wildlife Management Area in Marquette County will undergo a temporary water level drawdown over the summer months to allow for habitat management, the Department of Natural Resources announced today.


“Due to the man-made aspects of Lake LeVasseur, it does require periodic drawdowns to allow for necessary habitat management,” said DNR wildlife biologist Brian Roell. “The drawdown will begin in early May and low levels will be maintained over the summer months. Normal water levels will be restored prior to the regular waterfowl season this fall.”


The drawdown will result in low water levels in portions of the management areas, but the main channel will remain accessible for canoe and kayak use.


Lake LeVasseur is a managed marsh complex, created in 1953 with placement of a dam on LeVasseur Creek. The area is maintained by the DNR’s Wildlife Division and is designed to create unique marshland habitat, including critical nesting and stop-over ground for migrating waterfowl, such as mallards, wood ducks, blue-winged teal, ring-necked ducks, and Canada goose.


Periodic drawdowns of water levels are conducted at Lake LeVasseur to promote the growth of new aquatic vegetation, speed the breakdown of dead plants, and allow for the turnover of nutrient rich bottom sediments.


These habitat improvements make the area more desirable for wildlife populations, including deer, fox, beaver, river otter, mink, a variety of reptiles and amphibians, and many species of birds, including grebes, herons, loons, eagles, osprey, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and a variety of songbirds.


Lake LeVasseur is open for hunting and trapping in the fall and winter, and is also a popular location for fishing, canoeing and watching wildlife and birds.


For more information about the drawdown activity, contact DNR wildlife technician Bill Rollo at 906-228-6561.