More Globetrotters Tickets to give away, Some Winners Announced

The Harlem Globetrotters will be in Marquette Wednesday, April 11, at the Berry Events Center. Registration for tickets is available on this website until midnight Wednesday.

In a joint giveaway Wednesday afternoon with the YMCA of Marquette County and several area grocery stores, ten pairs of tickets to the game have been given away. The winners of a pair of tickets are:

Margaret Pelkola, Gwinn

Pat Kirkwood, Gwinn

Tyler Tull, Negaunee

John Ison, Republic

Sue Cathcart, Ishpeming

Tracy Demeny, Ishpeming

Sarah Johnson, Marquette

Samantha Lyons, Marquette

Louie DePetro, Marquette

Deborah Smith, Marquette

ABC 10 would like to express a “thank you” to the following locations for helping in this giveaway:

Super One, Negaunee

Super One, Marquette

Jack’s IGA, Harvey

Larry’s Foods, Gwinn

The Shoppeette, Sawyer

Jubilee Foods, Ishpeming

YMCA of Marquette County